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Community TV

Due to a change in licensing for community tv in Australia, there are no longer free-to-air broadcasts for community tv channels.

We are still willing to provide services to community tv groups.

Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in a community TV program.


What Are You Watching?

There is a lot of television to watch. The question I pose to myself every now and again is whether I am watching a good balance of television programs.

We all know that what we see and hear is what we will think about. I’d rather my mind be on things that are positive and helpful to my life.

I get concerned with what my children are being exposed to through the media and the impact it has on them. I am very aware that children do not have the developed filtering mechanisms that adults have to sift the thousands of images we see every day.


Free Satellite TV in Australia

There is some awesome free television channels available all across Australia. All you need to receive them is a small satellite dish and a receiver. For a few hundred dollars, you can triple your choice of television channels.
Our staff have been involved in setting up some of these satellite channels, so we've had the opportunity to spend some time having a close look at what is available to everyone.
Our preferred satellite is the D2 satellite. This has the biggest range of free channels.

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