Free Satellite TV in Australia

There is some awesome free television channels available all across Australia. All you need to receive them is a small satellite dish and a receiver. For a few hundred dollars, you can triple your choice of television channels.
Our staff have been involved in setting up some of these satellite channels, so we've had the opportunity to spend some time having a close look at what is available to everyone.
Our preferred satellite is the D2 satellite. This has the biggest range of free channels.

Christians are well catered for with some great TV channels - TBN, Church Channel, God Channel, Inspiration, Daystar, Hope Channel, 3ABN.

There is a youth channel, JCTV, which caters for teens to twenties.

There is a childrens channel, Smile of a Child.

World news is available on Russia Today and Press TV.

Foreign language channels include Greek, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, Thai.

If you like football - the real football with a round ball - you can see games from the Netherlands on BVN and Turkey on TRT

The Satellite Community TV channel originates from Australia.

There is a lot of television available. Connecting to satellite TV is relatively easy. If you need help finding an installer contact us and we will try to help you.