What Are You Watching?

There is a lot of television to watch. The question I pose to myself every now and again is whether I am watching a good balance of television programs.

We all know that what we see and hear is what we will think about. I’d rather my mind be on things that are positive and helpful to my life.

I get concerned with what my children are being exposed to through the media and the impact it has on them. I am very aware that children do not have the developed filtering mechanisms that adults have to sift the thousands of images we see every day.

Many people have expressed a desire to see more family oriented programming. Whilst existing television services do provide family programs, often at a high standard, it is clearly evident that there are shortcomings with the overall balance of their programming.

Big media companies tend to dominate television. I often feel that we as individuals have the television services we have because we are not active in conveying our opinion to TV networks and to Government (who establish the framework for our television services).

The choice for family television is in many respects a decision about the future of our society. If we are to shape a society where people are valued and respected, where they are encouraged to believe in their future, where they have a developed sense of values and community, it is essential that they be nurtured in a positive way. Government must find a place in the media for positive family values.

There is a great amount of research that has demonstrated the influence that the media (and in particular, television) has on our society. It is not the only determinant of behaviour, but there is a demonstrable correlation between the rise of violence and other anti-social activities and the portrayal of this in the media.

This has been recognised by many people. However, recognition is only part of the process. Action needs to occur.

Firm Ethical Base

For programming to build sound values, it is essential that it come from a firm ethical base which reflects the moral values that most people ascribe to. We believe television should bear a message of hope that values the lives of people and encourages them to look to the future with excitement.

Social issues need to be covered in a way that promotes harmony in our society. Rather than focus on issues that divide, we would encourage programming that helps to break down barriers in areas such as culture, race and gender.

Your Support

Please let us know that you would like to add your voice to supporting more family oriented programming.