Here are some of the talented musicians and songwriters we enjoy working with.

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Nick Paisley

Nick Paisley is currently in the studio. His new recording of mainly original material is expected to be ready for digital release in February 2012.

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Stik are a band that play music for children, because they think children should have enjoyable music appropriate for their age.

Their album is entitled Land of Dreams. It's a great album for 8 to 13 year olds.

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David Dickinson

David Dickinson is a songwriter, musician and poet. His songs have been featured in a stage play, short films, and a number of recordings. In 2000, he received the Editor's Choice Award Published Poetry (International Library of Poetry).

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Ashley Allan

Ashley Allan is performing at various venues in Sydney, Australia as a solo artist and with his band. Ashley writes an eclectic mix of emotive tunes tinged with political / social comment.

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Mainstreet are a popular dance band playing a contemporary sound that is drawn from the beat music of the sixties - that classic period that produced an explosion of sound that changed the course of pop music.
Mainstreet are based in Sydney, Australia, but are enjoyed in many places. As well as playing around Australia, the band has completed several tour to Europe playing in England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

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