Here are some of the wonderful writers we get to work with.

The Networker

The Networker has studied network marketing from the inside. Here is your opportunity to gain a new insight in how to be successful at network marketing.

Network Marketing Secrets
Network marketing is one of the easiest businesses to get into, but most fail. This book is written for those who have some exposure to network marketing, but are trying to figure out how to make it profitable for themselves.

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"If you are wanting to succeed at network marketing, this book is a must."

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Nerida Walker

Shaun and Nerida Walker were told by doctors that they could not have children. When you want to have a child, this can be sad news. However, they made a decision to believe God for a miracle. Their lives have been changed.

They now have 4 healthy children. All born as God intended.

Nerida and her friend Julie Cantrill had formed a group to help those having difficulties with pregnancy. From that experience, this inspiring manual was written for any couple who want children.

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Shirley Hensby

Shirley Hensby grew up without thinking a great deal about God. Then she came to a day where she was being swept out to sea in a rip. She could see no-one to help, so she cried out to God, and suddenly, there were people to help.
Soon after that experience, she became a Christian.
Her book, True Life, is written from she has learned of God, and how people can develop a personal relationship with Him.

Intro by Shirley Hensby

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Lamberta Groves

Lamberta Groves went on a mission trip to Cambodia and visited Sunshine House, an orphanage caring for child AIDs victims.

Many children in Cambodia have been orphaned as a result of AIDS. They have little option except to live on the streets because their extended family, afraid of contracting AIDS, wouldn't care for them. This led to the inception of Sunshine House as a place where these children could find a home.

In her book, Lamberta shares the stories of some of the children cared for at Sunshine House. It is touching and inspiring.

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