David Dickinson

David Dickinson is a songwriter, musician and poet. His songs have been featured in a stage play, short films, and a number of recordings. In 2000, he received the Editor's Choice Award Published Poetry (International Library of Poetry).

David: Since I was about 12 yrs old, I have had an interest in writing and music. I loved the way music made me feel . The waves of emotion that would come over me at the moment a familiar song started to play. It was just like being visited by an old friend. But it wasn't until I was 26 yrs old that I started to do any thing about it. My salvation brought me to the point of venturing into the unknown of fulfilling my dreams. Meeting Jesus unlocked my passion for reading and writing poetry, my love of music. And for the first time ever I began to follow my heart. Most of all, the journey in Christ has taught me to see through the eyes of compassion.

David is completing an album of instrumentals. David also intends to release a book of poetry

The album, Carinya, features the songwriting of David Dickinson, with Karen McDonald on vocals and David Dickinson on guitar, this is a fine collection from an emerging talent.

Carinya presents 9 songs written by David, and 1 song by Ashley Allan. A very listenable and enjoyable album. Produced by Hugh Wilson.

Reviews of Carinya
"Smooth, soft. Very listenable"
"Nice vocals. Neat songs. Recommended"
"An album you can ease into"
"David is a good songwriter. A well-crafted album of soft rock/adult contemporary songs."

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