Ashley Allan

Ashley Allan is performing at various venues in Sydney, Australia as a solo artist and with his band. Ashley writes an eclectic mix of emotive tunes tinged with political / social comment.

A late bloomer, Ashley abandoned a 15 year career in Sales and Marketing to pursue his life long dream of music. Ashley completed a two-year song-writing arts course the School of Creative Arts in Oxford Falls in 1996. He signed to Outback/Rim of the World Publishing in 1997 with his first demo. Major influences include Ray Charles, Sting, Bruce Cockburn, and legendary Irish singer/songwriter Paul Brady.

As well as the Sydney original music circuit, Ashley Allan has sung in such diverse places as Sydney’s Entertainment Centre, Parliament House in Canberra and even the bombed out Police Barracks in war-torn Bougainville.

"The Message" showcases the songs of Australian writer Ashley Allen with production by Chris O'Brien, of CCC Worships fame. "The Message" won a SCALA Award. (runner up best production).

"Although our music is mostly cruisy, positive and refreshing, I write a fair proportion of songs about political/social/spiritual issues and like to provoke some thought and debate about some of the contentious topics currently facing our society. (refugees, homeless, reconciliation etc)," Ashley said.

Ashley's vision is to leave people refreshed.

Plans are under way to record an album of new songs from Ashley.

Reviews of The Message
"Chris O'Brien sings well. Ashley Allan on guitar. It works well"
"A great effort by international performer Chris O'Brien. True to Ashley's songwriting"
"Creating an atmosphere"

Reviews of Ashley Allan
"Of the many singer-songwriters I showcase, Ashley is one that stands out. His voice is grainy and rich and soars from a low growl to a high sweet cry. His songs are well written, emotive and talk of real things. In fact Ashley himself is the real thing, a genuine, honest man with a faithful band of followers and a class act and it is for all these reasons that I constantly book him to perform at my shows, currently the largest original showcase night in Sydney."
Keith Armitage - Organiser of “Songwriters Live”.

"Ashley Allan is a must see on the local circuit. A guy with huge stage presence - one of the top undiscovered singer/songwriters around the Sydney scene. A beautiful voice filled with a passion that matches the brilliant songs. So many intriguing tales of life and love to capture an audience - A magical and entrancing repertoire. Make sure you ask for the ' Russian Song! "
PJ Scully - President, Songwriting Society of Australia

"When everything in your world cries out to be heard You can’t get past truth, and those who have the word are worth every minute. Ash’s songs grab you from the opening line And then keep drilling you deep until you wonder how he knew. I guess each of us likes to have someone out in front It’s always a pleasure to listen and learn. Don’t miss it!"
John Chesher – RainSong Guitars / Australia

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